Year 9 Photography essay

Photography is an amazing form of art. You can create art with it at any place and at any time.  Many people have made amazing and kind of disturbing pieces of art with photography. Either with just the unedited photograph or with the assistance of computers to edit the photograph either a little bit, or changing the photograph entirely. This spawned a new era of art and raised the new question. What truly is art?


Photography is quite literally the capture of light. So basically everything that you can see, the camera can see. But by the time computers became a regular occurrence, photographs could be uploaded, edited and changed for the world to see. A photograph could start normal, but turn out surreal. So when the computer quite literally changed photography, photography became a very experimental art. A regular picture of a person could become a work of art, or the dawn of people’s nightmares. However that may be slightly over exaggerated.


Marcel Duchamp was a photo artist that used the objects around him to make images. He would get an object such as a bicycle wheel, stand it up and then take a photograph of it. He did another one that involved hanging chess pieces and pretending to move one of the pieces. While taking a photograph of it of course. He also has some rather random photographs. Like him doing some kind of Nicolas cage face. Or him simply wiping his eyes. He even does some things that are so simple. Like getting a couple of objects that can be found anywhere and he would call it art. That is what makes people wonder. What is art?


As time went on computers became more advanced. And through the advancement of technology we could do more operations at a time. So that means that as time went on we could change our images in a more professional way. And not to forget after a while we could actually upload our images to our computer and them share them to the world. Because lets face it. At least everyone has changed an image in some way, shape or form. And that’s a big step in computer manipulation. Because one person could do one image and upload it. And then thousands of other people can change the image and make it in there own style. A cluster of remakes can spawn. And that is a really interesting thing to think about as all those years ago none of this was possible. And a good example of the use of computers to manipulate images is a woman named Patricia Piccinini. She would use computers to manipulate images to create some rather disturbing work. But non-the less it shows how computers can change art to an interesting piece of work.


So is photography art. Hell yes it is. It is no different to getting a paintbrush and painting a portrait. You are still creating the image. It is just more supported with technology. And many, many people have used computers to manipulate photography for years and it is a very interesting form of art.